Nutrigene Genetic Consultation 专业基因检测咨询

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Welcome to Nutrigene—the pioneer integrating scientific research with children’s development! 🧬🌟

We are a group of passionate scientists and education experts.

我们的【Nutrigene 儿童基因检测🧬】和【儿童个性化学习发展计划 (PDP) 】基于精确的科学研究,致力于解锁您孩子的无限潜能、并且拥有健康体魄!🔍❤️


✅更荣获超过6项 国际标准认证 📜


Our​ Nutrigene Child DNA Test is based on precise scientific research, dedicated to unlocking the infinite potential of your child, and ensuring they possess a healthy physique! 🔍❤️

✅ Possessing our own strong team of scientists and genetic laboratory🏆

✅ Proudly awarded over 6 international standard certifications 📜

✅ Providing the most comprehensive post-test learning platform for children and parents

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