RIASEC Career Talent
DNA Report

Unlock the Blueprint of Your Future with the RIASEC Career Talent DNA Report

Find out your child’s:
  • ️Personality and Behaviour
  • Academic and Artistic Talent
  • Sports Talent

Included with Additional Post-test

  • Career Psychology & Child Behaviour Consultation
  • 9 Multiple Intelligences Evaluation
  • Personalised Learning Plan
  • Personalised Development Program (PDP)
  • FREE Report Updates

Most Comprehensive In Asia
RIASEC Career Talent DNA Report

What Do You Get Here With
Nutrigene RIASEC Career Talent DNA Report?

Unlock Your Child’s True Potential with Nutrigene’s RIASEC Career DNA Report

At Nutrigene, we believe in the unique journey of every child. Our RIASEC Career DNA Report is a groundbreaking tool designed to illuminate the path to your child’s most fulfilling future.

Here’s what you can expect:

Unlock Innate

Future - Proof Your Child’s Success

Tailored Education Strategies